Physiotherapy Clinic

Open-Concept Gym

Our unique facility is designed to support personalized and unique treatment for our clients.

Private & Comfortable rooms

Our primary focus is to create a warm, welcoming clinical environment. We have three treatment rooms to ensure full privacy when discussing your concerns and working on your treatment.

We can deliver many types of treatment

We are equipped to use a combination of modalities in our treatment sessions for those who require these specific therapies. The modalities include Shockwave, Ultrasound, Acupuncture, and more.

Open-concept gym

Our fully-equipped, open-concept gym is designed to support our clients’ return to their daily activities. It is ideal for athletes who require a comprehensive return-to-sport program.

Video movement analysis

We are one of the only physiotherapy clinics in the area that offers slow-motion video movement analysis. This helps us identify and evaluate your treatment needs more thoroughly.