What is Video Running Analysis?

Many individuals rely on running as a form of exercise to keep them in shape. Although it remains a popular activity, running can sometimes do more harm than good. This is often the result of faulty movement patterns.  But how does someone find out there is a problem...

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Lessons From LIFT Physiotherapy- Part-2

The majority of society does some sort of clerical or computer work for extended periods throughout the day.  In our practice we are constantly educating our clients on ways to improve posture and maintain mobility in people who have physically less demanding jobs...

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I need surgery, but I don’t know what to expect

This is a common question we get asked as physiotherapists. Having surgery is a big decision, certainly not one to be taken lightly. A big part of our job is to ensure that the patients we are seeing go in to surgery feeling prepared and having their questions...

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Lessons from LIFT Physiotherapy-Part-1

In this series of Lessons From LIFT Physiotherapy, we will focus on how to improve running. Whether you run recreationally, competitively, or even if you’re just looking to get started, the lessons we will share can help to improve performance and mitigate the risk of...

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3 best ways to get rid of swelling

Many athletic trainers, therapists and strength coaches in North America are now avoiding the use of ice for post injury/performance recovery. After listening to some of the biggest names in the athletic rehabilitation arena speak on this topic, I have shifted my way...

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The Creation of LIFT Physiotherapy

On February 17, 2017, I quit my full-time contract job working as a Registered Physiotherapist. I did this to take on a big, scary, new adventure with my husband. Over the past two years, we have had a vision of starting our own practice, and now that vision has...

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Proper Lifting Techniques at the Gym to Prevent Injuries

If you’re looking for physiotherapy in Mississauga, chances are you’ve been injured, and it’s possible your injury was a result of improper technique at the gym. When training with weights, it’s important that safety is always your first priority. Improper lifting...

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