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Elysha, a physiotherapist in Mississauga is showing a patient a 3D model

I have been going to LIFT for nearly two months, and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend this place!

Stephanie Romain

We are LIFT Physiotherapy, a Mississauga physiotherapy clinic and open-concept gym. Our commitment is to help you recover in a sustainable manner.

In pain?
Unsure why?
Ready to recover?

Your healthy active lifestyle is suffering from some sort of physical pain. You’ve heard “rest will help you heal” many times, but the pain persists. You’re frustrated with your progress and want to prevent any further injury. All you want is to get back to your pre-injury lifestyle as quickly and as safely as possible, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

Adam Chang, one of the best physiotherapists in Mississauga, showing a patient an exercise

We collaborate with you, educate you, and encourage you the whole way through!

Convenient Bookings

Schedule and manage your appointments in the way that’s best for you, whether online or over the phone.

Efficient Treatments

Our team tackles problems from multiple angles, so we can get you healed and out of physio ASAP. We never schedule unnecessary appointments.

State of the Art Clinic and Gym

Our clinic is modern, bright, clean, and fitted with all of the latest equipment. We also have private treatment rooms, so you’ll never have to wonder who’s listening in on your visit.

No Cookie-Cutter Programs

Get a completely customized multimodal program to achieve your individual goals and work around your lifestyle.

Careful Assessments

We’re committed to understanding you and your body on a deep level, so we don’t miss any underlying issues.

What we help with

Our Physiotherapy Services

a young girl skating on an ice rink.

Sports and Athletics

Get back to your sport quickly and safely after your injury.
Elysha Phillpotts, a physiotherapist in Mississauga showing a patient a 3D model

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor dysfunction can present as incontinence, IBS, constipation, back pain, painful intercourse, and more.
A close up on a person's back while they are getting acupuncture with needling


This ancient Chinese therapy involves stimulating the flow of Qi (life energy), balance Yin and Yang, and promote your body’s healing power.
Elysha showing a patient a foot exercise

Kids and Youth

Get your child assessed for sports performance, posture, growing pains, and injuries.
A close up of a patient getting treatment

Pre- and Postnatal

Prepare for your labour and manage postpartum symptoms like sensitive scars and incontinence.
An image of a person's back indicating lower back pain in red

Pain Management

Uncover the root causes of your pain instead of simply treating symptoms.
An arm sling on a person's arm

Post-Surgery Rehab

Prepare your body for surgery, manage your pain, and get back to your pre-surgery fitness.

Love from Our Clients

We’re proud to say that 90% of our clients are referrals from happy customers!

"Adam has been informative and patient dealing with my teenage son.  I would easily recommend the clinic."
Marcella Cowan
"My visit (first) with Adam was handled in a very professional and knowledgeable fashion. I believe that if anyone can fix my shoulder problem, it is him. I would be pleased to recommend him to my friends and family"
David Barrett
"Adam is the best physiotherapist around. Not only does he help you with your problem, but he takes the time to educate you too, to prevent re-injury."
Ronnie B
"Excellent physiotherapy clinic! Super professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend LIFT and look forward to my next visit. Adam was outstanding, and provided exceptional advice, guidance, and exercises for me to work on. Their front desk professional was also great to interact with and very helpful."
David Song
"Professional, client focused, attentive and above all very FRIENDLY, have recommended to friends and family, great place!"
Tomek Malkiewicz
"I have been going to LIFT for nearly two months, and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend this place!"
Stephanie Romain
"Excellent service and he really knows his stuff! I always walk away straighter, stronger and feeling better relieved!"
Mary A

Your Physiotherapists

Elysha Phillpotts

Physiotherapist, Owner
“In this journey we call life, we often have to take accountability and do hard things, but it is so important to feel all of the feelings along the way.”

Adam Chang

Physiotherapist, Owner
“Enjoy the journey and look forward to the destination. Live like there is no tomorrow.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is the treatment provided to promote, maintain, rehabilitate, and strengthen physical health and overall well-being through careful examination, diagnosis, and a customized treatment plan which includes education, exercise, and hands on treatments. At LIFT we use an innovative and multimodal approach to physiotherapy, providing more effective and more efficient treatments to our clients. At LIFT, patients get a fully individualised rehab program to target their individual issues while keeping in mind their lifestyle and goals. The goal is to help our patients return to their active life as quickly (and safely) as possible with a key understanding of how to mitigate the risk of future regression.

Key benefits of Mississauga physiotherapy are:

  • Gain an understanding of how your body is currently functioning and how to optimize your body’s functional capacity
  • Strengthen muscles and joints
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Promote healing of injured tissues
  • Manage and modulate pain perception
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Improve self confidence
How Does Physiotherapy Work at LIFT?

Step 1: Assessment

Discover the root issues behind your symptoms​

We’ll go beyond the surface-level issues that you’re already aware of, to look for deeper underlying issues that may be responsible for your symptoms.

This initial appointment will last about one hour and will include a thorough intake of your health history, a full-body movement evaluation, and biomechanical assessments as needed.

Step 2: Restoration

Get a customized program to target those issues​​

To get you the best and most efficient results, we always use a multimodal approach. This means that we’ll target your concerns with a variety of treatments.

Your rehabilitation program may include treatments like manual therapy, behavioural modifications, exercise prescriptions, and other treatment modalities.

As we incorporate your new program, we’ll reevaluate your progress to make sure we’re on the right track, adjusting your treatment as needed.

Step 3: Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your new and improved physical health​

When we’ve met your goals, we’ll put together a maintenance plan so you can enjoy lasting results.

We’ll give you a plan that not only empowers you to maintain your newfound health, but also one that suits your lifestyle.

What issues can a Physiotherapist treat?
The frequency of your follow-up appointments will depend on your specific situation and will be determined by your physiotherapist during your first appointment.

Once you have been assessed, you’ll receive a rehabilitation program based on your needs and goals.

​​A standard session is our most popular and most recommended service. These sessions last up to a maximum of 40 minutes.

A comprehensive session is an in-depth session which will include exercise therapy and will last up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

If it has been longer than six months since your last appointment, you’ll need to book an assessment appointment.

Even if you are returning for the same injury, we will need to evaluate your current condition thoroughly. This is a best practice set in place by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.
How many sessions do I need? What should be the frequency of the sessions?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time and we’ll refund you the difference already paid.
Can I do exercises on my own?
Definitely. Our number one priority is to maintain your mobility and get you moving as soon as possible. After your initial assessment, you’ll receive a customized program tailored to your unique demands and lifestyle! In order to facilitate quick recovery, we involve you in the process by prescribing safe and effective exercises that you can do in between appointments. With at-home exercise therapy, you’ll be able to improve mobility, decompress and stabilize joints, improve muscle balance, and enhance flexibility, so that your body can recover and pain may naturally subside.
How long before I can get physio after a bone fracture?
Immediately after casting: A therapist can help you understand typical healing timelines and how to navigate the immobilization period to minimize the negative impact immobilization has on the rest of your body as well as the limb that was fractured.

After Cast removal: Immediately after the cast is removed, physiotherapy can commence. This typically includes passive stretching of the joint and specific exercises targeting any deficits that can be safely addressed.
Will physiotherapy help arthritis?
Physiotherapists can help teach proper technique and exercise programming for individuals with chronic arthritis. We know that exercise is the most beneficial form of therapy for arthritis when it comes to managing pain and improving the longevity of the joints in your body. The only issue is that most exercises can be painful, especially if there are dysfunctions in other regions of the body, causing more strain on the joint(s) in question. A physiotherapist can identify and treat these movement dysfunctions to allow an easier progression through the exercise routine.
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Physiotherapy Services

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Pelvic Floor
Kids and Youth
Pre- and Postnatal
Pain Management
Post-Surgery Rehab
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