Pre- and Postnatal Physiotherapy at LIFT: Nurturing Motherhood's Journey

At LIFT Physiotherapy, we celebrate and support every stage of your journey into motherhood. Our specialized Pre- and Postnatal Physiotherapy services are designed to cater to the unique needs of moms-to-be and new mothers.

Embrace Motherhood with Confidence

Pregnancy Care

Navigate the physical changes of pregnancy with ease. Our physiotherapists relieve pregnancy-related discomforts, helping you maintain health and well-being during this beautiful phase.

  • Physical Activity and Fitness Consultation: Receive guidance on maintaining an active lifestyle during and after pregnancy.

Birth & Labour Preparation

Being pregnant brings about an array of emotions. If this is your first pregnancy, you may have many questions about your labour and delivery. Giving birth can be scary, especially in our overcrowded, underserviced, rushed and non-personalized medical system. We are excited to offer comprehensive physiotherapy sessions tailored to preparing for your upcoming birth. Our sessions are structured around common questions, concerns, and expectations one may have while traversing this complicated medical system and entering into a whole new phase of life.

Our goal is to give mothers and their partners a sense of ease, compassion and comfort measures to help support them through their pregnancy, into labour and delivery and in the early postpartum period. Whether this is your first pregnancy or 5th, each perinatal period and birthing experience is unique. If you, a family member or a friend are looking for support, look no further. Because all your concerns are valid, they deserve time, attention, and care.

Our Focus

  • Working on the brain-body connection: a strong and coordinated pelvic floor will ease the birthing process and recovery.
  • Proper Pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy can help with incontinence and recovery.
  • PUSH prep: Learn how to push efficiently and effectively during labour. 
  • Learning relaxation techniques for delivering a baby is important because understanding that fear and holding tension can work against you.
  • Perineum stretching is another way to help prep the body for labour and potentially reduce the risk of tearing during delivery.
  • Understanding pain management during labour (positional strategies, breathing techniques, visualizations, partner-assisted techniques).
  • Understanding options for pain management during delivery (from natural delivery to the use of epidurals).
  • Understanding labour and delivery positions - what are your options as the mother
  • What to expect immediately after delivery - basic tissue healing, how to have a bowel movement, treating your immediate post-labour aches and pains.
  • Getting your questions answered beforehand so that you feel confident in your team and yourself as you go through the birthing process.
  • Birth Preparation: Equip yourself for a smoother birthing experience. Our tailored programs include exercises and techniques for natural childbirth, strengthening and coordinating your pelvic floor to facilitate easier birthing and recovery, ensuring you're physically and mentally prepared.

Postpartum Care & Recovery: Putting Mom’s Needs First

This is a time of great transition within the family. While often a very joyous time, postpartum can also be a time of great stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, healing and more. Navigating these changes can be challenging and unexpected. It is crucial that mothers receive the support and care they need. Our postpartum physiotherapy wellness checks help you gain an understanding of the following:

  • Normal tissue healing timelines: Getting a grip on the early days and what to expect as your body heals. Understand your vital signs and when medical intervention may be needed (signs of scar infection, hemorrhage, etc.).
  • Understanding basic methods and modes of mobility in the early days - how to toilet effectively, how to get out of bed, how to lift a baby while protecting any incisions and scars (C Section or from tearing)
  • Working safely and effectively towards improving lower body mobility, stability and strength.
  • Working safely and effectively towards core strengthening and return to activities (including exercise and everything in between).
  • Pelvic floor strengthening helps with stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pressure symptoms.
  • Returning to sexual function - what is normal, when to return, how to approach the return, understanding pain and if this is normal.
  • Surgical recovery - tissue healing and pain management, including Cesarean Section scar care and episiotomy treatment and care.
  • Physical Activity and Fitness Consultation: Receive guidance on maintaining an active lifestyle during and after pregnancy.

Your Needs, Our Priority

At LIFT, we understand that mothers need care too. Our compassionate approach prioritizes your health and well-being, ensuring a supportive environment as you embark on this life-changing journey.

How to structure your treatment around Birth & Labour Prep

If you are interested in receiving birth & labour preparation, we recommend you start your treatment sessions at 20 weeks, giving you ample time to have your questions answered. Feel prepared and empowered for your birth. Here is our recommended program:

Session 1: Initial Assessment/Consultation x 70 mins

This session is focused on understanding your goals for labour & delivery. We will discuss the role of the pelvic floor, the birthing process, and common interventions used and speak about the early postpartum recovery period. If time permits and if relevant, an internal exam may be performed. 

Recommended to start around 20 weeks into pregnancy.

Session 2: Optimizing your pelvic floor contraction, relaxation and learning how to breathe x 60 mins

Gaining control over your pelvic floor's functions is essential in helping to prepare for birth. We will work on activation, relaxation and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles. Learning how to breathe effectively will be integrated into this session. An internal exam is encouraged during this session to ensure optimal coaching, guidance and support. 

Recommended between 24-28 weeks.

Session 3: Review any of the above information and a new introduction to birth position options and develop a birth plan x 60 mins
It is important to understand your options as outlined by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada. We will also discuss the use of birth plans. 

Recommended between 28-32 weeks.
Session 4: Partner-assisted session x 60 minutes
Bring in your support system and learn positions and techniques to help with pain management during labour. We will also review your birth plan (if applicable) with your partner and how they can advocate on your behalf during your labour and delivery if needed. 

Recommended between 32-34 weeks
Session 5: Push prep x 60 minutes
A session dedicated to learning how to breathe and push effectively during labour. A review of pelvic floor relaxation techniques will be implemented as well. If appropriate, perineal stretching can commence during this session. An internal exam is encouraged during this session.  

Recommended between 35-36 weeks
Additional sessions
Sessions are at the client's leisure and comfort. Internal techniques can be performed, including reviewing any discussion. For 36 weeks and beyond, we recommend 60-minute sessions for ample discussion and questions in a laid-back, comfortable environment. 

Please note that all sessions can be reduced to 40 minutes except for the assessment and Session 2. If the session lengths are reduced in time, an additional 1-2 sessions may be recommended to cover the necessary material. These sessions provide a guide for what to expect. However, we are flexible and tailor sessions to suit each client's needs. 

Please note that sessions 1 (assessment), 3 & 4 can be done virtually if preferred. Sessions 2 & 5 require hands-on treatment and are encouraged to be done in person.

Your well-being is our priority. Let us guide you through each step of your pregnancy and postpartum journey with our care.

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