Kids Physiotherapy in Mississauga

LIFT treats kids too!

We understand that high-level athletes generally start their careers at a young age and require special care and attention during treatment.

Which Sports Does LIFT Specialize In?

We treat young athletes involved in all sports.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Children?

Physiotherapy can help children in many ways. We most commonly help young athletes recover from injury while helping to facilitate a safe transition back to their sport. However, we can also help with improving mobility, stability, strength, power, and agility.

Physiotherapy can also improve performance for young athletes. So often, we see young athletes already specializing in a certain sport. The problem with early specialization is that it overloads certain tissues.

The concept of cross-training is typically overlooked in the young athlete. Still, it is a vital component of a complete training program and one that we always incorporate into our clients’ programs.

How Long Does It Take for Child Injuries to Heal?

Every injury is different and needs to be assessed in person.

During your initial visit, we will perform an assessment and provide a thorough evaluation of the athlete. We will make recommendations of effective treatment options, along with prescribing exercise therapy to help facilitate recovery.

Most importantly, we will educate you and the young athlete on the expected recovery time and how to get back on the field as soon as possible.

What Can Child Athletes Do to Prevent Injuries?

Preventing injuries is extremely hard, and therefore, we do not promise that we can prevent injuries from occurring. However, as physiotherapists, we can mitigate the risk of injury in many different ways. For instance, an assessment can help us discover mobility and stability deficits.

Lacking mobility or stability can lead to injury, especially as playing sports demands a lot from our bodies. By identifying underlying asymmetries in the body based on the demands of the sport, we can use strategic interventions to reduce the risk of developing an injury.

What Does LIFT Typically See Kids For?

Parents are often concerned about posture, scoliosis, and conditions related to growing pains, such as Osgood-Schlatter disease (knee pain) and Sever’s disease (Achilles pain).

We also see kids for fractures and after surgery to help facilitate return to activity.

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