What is Video Running Analysis?

What is Video Running Analysis?

Many individuals rely on running as a form of exercise to keep them in shape. Although it remains a popular activity, running can sometimes do more harm than good. This is often the result of faulty movement patterns. But how does someone find out there is a problem with their running technique? That’s an easy answer. They can undergo a video running analysis.

What is it?

Video running analysis is a form of assessment. It is used by trained health professionals (like physiotherapists) and coaches as a way to help analyze movement, including running and gait. Here at LIFT Physiotherapy, we use an app called Spark Motion for this form of assessment. Once we record the individual running on the treadmill, Spark Motion allows us to slow down and pause the footage it captures. This enables us to perform a frame by frame analysis of the run. Using this form of technology in our assessments highlights movements patterns that can easily go undetected.

Why is it used?

Video running analysis is typically used for patients who experience pain while running or walking. It helps to reveal the biomechanics of the run. When we use video running analysis, objective data is provided to the patient, and they can watch themselves in action. .. We find that it is a great way to build focused and effective treatment plans that are targeted towards correcting faulty movements. Currently, the use of video analysis within the physiotherapy profession is not common. However, we see this form of assessment as a valuable resource to improve the effectiveness of our treatments.

What follows an assessment?

Following a video running analysis, we create a report based on the information we observe during the assessment. This report includes pictures, along with relevant descriptions of the different running phases. . This report can be shared with other health professionals or can be used to track improvements.

Is it right for you?

If you have been experiencing pain during or after a run, it may be the result of your technique. If you are unsure or have been dealing with pain, a video running analysis could be a useful tool in identifying the cause of injury. If you have any questions related to running, don’t be afraid to give us a call! We can help you decide if a video running analysis is right for you!

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